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Teenager shoot - Marbella Old Town

Photoshoot - Marbella Old Town - random images by RICH PhotoVideo

Photosession #130515 – Old Town, Marbella

We were delighted to receive a call from a lovely Scandinavian family to say that they were in Spain for just two days more and wanted to come to our studio for a photo. The majority of family shoot enquiries from tourists here ask for a studio and every time we explain the pro’s of having an outdoor photoshoot, in fact the word ‘shoot’ is not even really correct as these sessions are mostly ‘candid’ and ‘off the cuff’ type natural documentaries or ‘reportage’ as it is commonly referred to. We have I think 12 or more different style shoots we offer and millions of wonderful locations to choose from here in Spain and so unless there is a particular shot that requires it (which is extremely rare), for us all to go inside a studio seems barmy.

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Family Reunion - Benalmadena

Family Photoshoot - Benalmadena - Random images by RICH PhotoVideo

Family Reunion #020815 - Ocean Villa, Avenida de Retamar, Benalmadena

We couldn't help but notice that family photoshoots are up this year for us by more than 20% and we truly enjoy each and every one of them. The lovely family today of around 30 people were all staying in the large luxury Ocean Villa, Benalmadena - just off the main road in Arroyo de la Miel. They had travelled from their different home countries to meet up there for a family reunion and had invited me to capture a handful of portraits and group shots of them.

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Bar Mitzvah - Marbella

Bar Mitzvah at the Jewish Synagogue - random images by RICH PhotoVideo

Bar Mitzvah #130515 - Jewish Synagogue Marbella | El Campanario, Estepona

We followed the aspiring sports enthusiast and up and coming tennis superstar Oliver during his 3 day Bar Mitzvah and Birthday celebrations in Marbella and Estepona. From the touching ceremony and wonderful food served to the evening speeches and breakdancing show, there was something for everyone and they all had a fabulous time including Oliver, his family & friends and his younger brother who's birthday it was also.

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Cudeca - TRE Telethon

The TRE Studio during the Cudeca Telethon - Image by RICH PhotoVideo Marbella

Cudeca Charity Telethon #140715 - Talk Radio Europe Studio | San Pedro

An enjoyable afternoon capturing photos and video of the 9th Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice telethon at TRE live as it happened in their studio. Whilst editing in our own studio a week or so prior (with Talk Radio Europe on in the background of course) we overheard that there was to be a telethon in aid of Cudeca and so we decided that we would like to donate a photo/video package. They were all very grateful and whilst chatting to the lovely TRE presenter Hannah Murray later on, she mentioned we were welcome to pop into the studio and see the action on the day of the telethon.

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San Juan - Marbella

San Juan Marbella random images by RICH PhotoVideo

Marbella Beaches - San Juan – Annually 23rd June

San Juan is most certainly one of our personal favourite events of the year and in 27 years here in Marbella I don’t think I’ve ever missed one of them. ‘Noche de San Juan’ has different meanings for some and various levels of importance for others but whether you are spiritual, religious, a regular local, a youngster an expat, a tourist or a drug dealer, the night should have the same basic meaning for us all. Admittedly most of us expats quite often don’t even know the true meanings behind some of these local traditions and so instead often accuse the Spanish of just looking for any old excuse to ’Fiesta’, but we could all perhaps do with participating in this one as it is based on cleansing and so relative if only a little to most of us in some way shape or form.

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