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Cudeca - TRE Telethon

The TRE Studio during the Cudeca Telethon - Image by RICH PhotoVideo Marbella

Cudeca Charity Telethon #140715 - Talk Radio Europe Studio | San Pedro

An enjoyable afternoon capturing photos and video of the 9th Cudeca Cancer Care Hospice telethon at TRE live as it happened in their studio. Whilst editing in our own studio a week or so prior (with Talk Radio Europe on in the background of course) we overheard that there was to be a telethon in aid of Cudeca and so we decided that we would like to donate a photo/video package. They were all very grateful and whilst chatting to the lovely TRE presenter Hannah Murray later on, she mentioned we were welcome to pop into the studio and see the action on the day of the telethon.

The Cudeca, PhotoMarbella & TRE Logo - Image by RICH PhotoVideo Marbella


For those of you that are not familiar with Cudeca, I can honestly say that it is one of our favourite charirties and there are many reasons why. Founded by the lovely Joan Hunt O.B.E who was awarded “European Woman of the Year” by Queen Elizabeth II in 2002, the charity has a history with a difference and very relevant & personal connections to some of our own neighbours, friends and even my own relatives & family over the last 27 years I have lived here on the costa. Joan and her husband Fred moved here to retire and after he himself became ill, In 1991 Joan decided to transform the pain from her loss to the start of a project. In 1992 the charity was created and started out offering free palliative care to others, quickly growing into an organisation that is not only known worldwide now but more importantly helps thousands of people who are terminally ill. The philosophy used that Joan herself states is: “The patient is more important than the illness” and their moto “a special kid of caring…” is certainly shown by every department of the organisation including of course the local hospice here that eases some of the distress for patients and their families during the final stages of illness. For more information about Cudeca and their wonderful work or to volunteer/donate, please visit their site:


TRE Station manager Bill Padley on air - Image by RICH PhotoVideo Marbella


On the afternoon of the telethon I called Hannah just to check that they still wanted us to pop in as situations can of course change and little did I know but the number I was calling went straight through and I was live on air, great… I hate my voice (and my photo taken), hence I prefer this side of the lens or microphone! They all said to get down there asap, although I wasn't sure if part of that was because it was on air (they are hardly gonna say "nah, don't bother"), but we thought it probably was best not to call back again to check... in case we were on the radio again :) As per every invitation we receive to events etc. we took it seriously, grabbing some cameras, kit, sugar sweets and getting into capture mode. We knew that with it being a radio studio there would most likely not be much space or light inside and so we weren’t getting our hopes up but on the other hand we were loving the fact that any effort today would be in aid of a wonderful charity.

We got there very quick but as we arrived I was a little disappointed that we had literally just missed a huge children’s choir that were piling out of an adjacent room after singing live (there lovely voices can be heard on our video however) and we decided that we were certainly going to make up for missing capturing it ourselves. Although the TRE San Pedro studio is just around the corner from our old studio, we had not been in there before and so whenever entering a new place we are careful not to intrude, meaning we feel our way around who wants us there and who certainly doesn’t… however there was no time for this and after quickly asking the manager about restrictions we sneaked straight into the studio where everyone was hard at it. You may see on our video lots of fun, laughter and suchlike, but you must remember that this was a full day of blood, sweat & tears (OK, OK, I didn't actually see anyone crying, but I did cut my finger slightly and it was boiling in there!), basically you are only seeing here the interesting parts for photo & video purposes, the reality is that there was a lot more effort from everyone 'behind the scenes'.


Talk Radio Europe presenter Hannah Murray - Image by RICH PhotoVideo Marbella


As the world rushes past us and an increasing and sometimes scary speed it is so nice to see and speak to so many people who are not blinded by selfishness, ignorance or other negative things that spoil the world we live in. So, rather than a spending my valuable time listening to people that are often moaning or trying to get things for free, we were instead chatting with people that had no time for me, but instead just had one thing on their minds and that was solely how to help Cudeca and therefore their future patients. It was truly such a breath of fresh air to around so many lovely people in one place and we found ourselves enjoying our job more than ever, something that we often miss out on when capturing weddings as the day is about the bride & groom and we rarely have time to consider anything else whatsoever.

We do however get to see what happens behind the scenes at many events, functions & suchlike and as I’m sure you can imagine, it is not always as rosey as you might otherwise think (hey, 'rosey' isn’t in my dictionary). Our job is of course to capture material and make situations appear better than they might actually been, well at least this should be the case if we are doing our job properly, but… I am pleased to say that when the cameras were off here at TRE that everybody worked just as hard if not harder, joked the same if not more and everybody did what they do best, how marvellous to see such teamwork. .


One of the many entertainers playing music during the telethon - random images by RICH PhotoVideo


The list of donations increased by the minute starting with many golfing options, fees & accessories from, El Paraiso, Miraflores, Los Olivos, La Dama de Noche, Santa Maria, Los Barrancos de la Zagaleta, La Cañada, Guadalhorce & Escuela de Golf… (not bored, OK, I’ll continue). There were many pieces of jewellery, Festina watches, sports equipment, handbags, books, hairdressing vouchers, car hire at Centuaro, yoga classes with Lisa-Marie, fitness classes, body treatments and foods by Omega Zen, (OK you must be getting bored by now), tennis classes at Manolo Santana, paintings, holidays from Club La Costa World Resorts, hotel accommodation at Les Borjs Marrakech & Sunborn Gibraltar, furniture & Interior design vouchers at Jonty Lewis / Marbella Carpets & Furnish Spain, (well, you can’t be so bored as you are still reading)... Personal trainers at EMS Technology,, restaurant dinners at Shiraz / Khans / Shiro Purobearch & Stringfellows, luxury car hire, airport taxi transfers, (OK, I’m getting a little bored now myself... but I’ll keep going). Clothing signed by Status Quo, medical check-ups at Xanit, a wedding dress from Bride’s Secret, artwork, (stop reading and I will stop writing!), LD Lines ferry tickets, a personalised story by author Susan Hunter… actually I'm out or names. The thing is I don’t have the list of donations here, I just remember some and have spotted some more on the whiteboard in the photos here :) TRE themselves donated a large advertising campaign and a chance to be a presenter and we donated a full photo/video coverage package which Anthony from Anthony’s Antiques purchased.


Two of the TRE team discussing items on the list of donations - random images by RICH PhotoVideo


Well as I mentioned, we were not unfortunately there in the run-up to the bidding and therefore can’t comment on some acts such as the choir, but as we arrived the ‘Golf hour’ was just starting with presenter Giles Brown and our friend the lovely Jack Nusbaum who unfortunately passed 2nd February 2015 at age 88. He was an important part of much charity work since moving from Boston, USA to Torremolinos more than 25 years ago and was a key part of many causes including ‘SIGA’ teaching visually, physically and mentally disabled people in Europe to play golf. You will see that Jack was very dedicated and emotional during the video… he died at the Cudeca hospice, so need I say more except his efforts continue in his remembrance and he will be greatly missed by all.

There were so many more contributors on the day that were behind the scenes including singers, musicians and there were people that had even flown in solely to assist with this great cause. It is these unnamed volunteers that inspire us to do what we do and put in that extra effort when our own energy or enthusiasm levels are low or we doudbt whether our assistance is needed for great casues like this one to succeed.


Editing the bids placed to donations on the whiteboards- random images by RICH PhotoVideo


I’m not going to mention here the statistics and exact figures of how much was raised on the day because if you don’t know then it may spoil the video… but let’s just say that it is perhaps more than you might think. Another thing this telethon has actually done is it has helped us here regain our own faith in charity to some extent after we helped a couple of other charities previously and later found out that our efforts were in vain. We are proud to say that we would happily donate to Cudeca again and hope that our photos and video help others see the great work that goes into raising money for this cause and therefore the help that would be greatly appreciated by others that are in a position to do so. Since capturing this event the lovely Hannah Murray from TRE has thanked us and the amazing Joan Hunt O.B.E who is an inspiration to us all here has sent some lovely emails (and even some greatly appreciated advice) and we hope to see her again soon :)


Thank you to everyone that either helped us, TRE or Cudeca in any way to make this day possible. From a simple cup of tea to the largest donation on the day, everything is one big fusion of teamwork and any amount of help can make a knock on effect of so much difference. Good luck to TRE in their future work and of course our best wishes to the ‘Fundación Cudeca’. Please enjoy some photos and videos of the day.




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