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Family Reunion - Benalmadena

Family Photoshoot - Benalmadena - Random images by RICH PhotoVideo

Family Reunion #020815 - Ocean Villa, Avenida de Retamar, Benalmadena

We couldn't help but notice that family photoshoots are up this year for us by more than 20% and we truly enjoy each and every one of them. The lovely family today of around 30 people were all staying in the large luxury Ocean Villa, Benalmadena - just off the main road in Arroyo de la Miel. They had travelled from their different home countries to meet up there for a family reunion and had invited me to capture a handful of portraits and group shots of them.

Ocean Villa - Benalmadena - random images by RICH PhotoVideo


Not knowing me of course they weren’t to know that to like most photographers I like to get in ‘the zone’, regardless of whether I have been asked to supply one or one hundred images. Getting in the zone inspires the more creative side of us to perform, it helps build the adrenaline that is needed to run around in the intense sun and it enables our eye to brain to camera co-ordination to react much faster, so much so that I should anticipate and prepare settings for something that has not even happened but might. It is those instant reaction shots that seem to capture the attention of our clients and it is the ones I get complimented on the most.

I’m pleased to say that today was no exception and I certainly caught some unguarded moments, some falling in the pool and some action shots during a football match they had. Despite my high level of physical fitness & strength and my relatively good diet to achieve a good body, if I know I’m going to be stuck in the sun for more than an hour or so I dose myself with sugar just prior to the shoot. A bag of sweets and a red bull later (I’m not including the 3 strong coffees prior to this) I was ready to fight the climate as I had brought the shoot forward one hour knowing there was a large mountain behind the villa that would block the last of the sun. By the way, the reason I was in the sun anyway is because I like to keep my subject in the shade when possible to avoid the harsh summer shadows and ensures people aren’t squinting from the sun in their eyes.


Girls in entrance hall - Fanily Photoshoot - random images by RICH PhotoVideo


While capturing shots I often have an enthusiast over my shoulder or at minimum someone with a phone or tablet trying to get a similar shot and I often explain that it is only professional equipment that can shoot in this environment and only someone who knows how to set the camera that will actually pull it off. People think it’s just a high end camera that is needed, but any photographer will tell you that even the best camera in the world won’t capture shots correctly in automatic and certainly not on this shoot with its constant changing of environments.

I often tell people that in the interest of image consistency, shots in a particular area should all be taken at the same time as the light will be different if its returned to and let’s face it I am only human. Luckily for this family who didn’t know I am a wedding photographer, I am trained to capture consistent photos under these constant changing environments inevitable when shooting such a large group at such a large villa.


Group Family Portrait - Family Photoshoot - random images by RICH PhotoVideo


We had fun, a giggle at times and I’m please to say that they have since sent a lovely email saying how happy they are with the galleries we supplied them. As in most shoots and certainly ones that are slightly different (this one being a reunion), I offered a discount and the post-processing of many more photos than the contracted amount in return for permission to allow others to view the images. We allow the client login access first to delete any that they are not happy to be there, but it’s very rare anyone feels the need to, I guess due to the fact that we delete embarrassing or tasteful shots. This is such a shame as it is often these shots that have the biggest impact and let’s face it, in this day and age people often find negative and distasteful stiff the most interesting, but it’s a rule we have to abide by unfortunately. I may start to collect the shocking images and contact the client after, asking them what their thoughts are on these shots, as some may love them.


All in all it was most certainly a lovely afternoon with 5 lovely families
and we look forward to seeing them all again at their next reunion :)
please see some of the fun we had by viewing a gellery or the slideshow below:


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Name:Family Reunion Location:Benalmadena
Photographer:Richard Brian
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