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Wedding  >

rich photovideo weddings

     Cherish your special day forever

You can never be too careful when choosing the right videographer for your wedding and it is for this reason that we happily offer out much more information about our setup than we might otherwise.

Wedding video capture is very different from regular videography and just some of these reasons include: different equipment, approach, safety measures, pre wedding self-restrictions, extra calm & friendly demeanour, venue familiarity, service provider relations, wedding experience, ceremony etiquette, tradition knowledge, required fitness level, stamina, post safety measures… in fact, the list is truly endless and if just one requirement is not performed correctly then the knock on effect could be catastrophic. Please see our information chart that lists wedding videography requirements and explains how we pass them all.

We have had the pleasure in capturing many different types of weddings in Spain, Gibraltar & the U.K at a wide variety of different style venues, some local venues include: Villa Padierna Palace, Santo Domingo de Guzman, El Campanario, Hacienda la Herriza, Palacete de Cazulas, Hotel La Viñuela, The Lodge. Gibraltar locations include the Registry offices, Botanical gardens & the Sunborn and Southern U.K weddings from Kent to Southhampton including Lainston House and Audleys Wood Hotel. We are soon to add Dublin Ireland to our repertoire and would gladly consider other countries too, so please ask.

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Event  >

rich photovideo events

     Remember the Atmosphere

It is of course impossible for you to see all that goes on at a celebration or event and even less chance of remembering parts in years to come. With our detailed coverage & ‘timeless’ video capture style you can look back and not only reminisce, but see certain things for the first time.

Event coverage is certainly one of our specialities and we pride ourselves in capturing everything humanly possible… and a bit more :) We use multi-angle & multi-lens types at all events and can always shock our clients at every shoot when we provide them with much more detail than they had expected. Our fitness levels and enthusiasm in finding and documenting video that tells the full story of an event is amazingly high and our high end equipment avoids any restrictions in doing this and more. Please see our information chart that lists event videography requirements and explains how we pass them all.

We have had the pleasure in filming many different types of private celebrations & events in Spain, Gibraltar & the U.K and for a wide variety of people and companies. From Brithdays, Anniversaries, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs and more, we love a celebration or event of any kind so please get in touch and tell us about yours.

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Portrait  >

rich photovideo portraits

     Capture a life moment in detail

We are changing all the time and can never recreate specific parts of our family’s life as it was previously. Everyone is unique and therefore every session we film has to be unique also, we will never do the same thing twice (except when specifically asked) and love nothing more than meeting new families and exploring new suitable locations and ideas, in fact on most shoots we pre plan a variety of different locations all nearby so there is something for everyone.

Surroundings here on our doorstep vary from the luxury yachts in Puerto Banus to old derelict fincas in the Ronda campo, to the unique experience of a visit to Morocco, we are truly blessed to be in a place where all of this is readily available… and more than often with a warm sun and clear sky. We have the local knowledge, ideas, equipment and expertise to create magic and enable us to offer ideas for unique approaches to capturing priceless video of a family’s life. Please see our information chart that lists portrait videography requirements and explains how we pass them all.

We have met and stayed in contact with so many lovely groups & families of the years and really enjoy meeting different people from all walks of life, so why not let us show you how we can make a difference to you by telling us a bit about yourself or your family.

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Commercial  >

rich photovideo commercial

     Present your business how you want it to be seen

Just because we know what is ‘politically correct’ with regards to a video, I mean who are we to tell you how a video for your business should look. We know that thinking out of the box can help you stand out from the crowd and so you most certainly have the option to tell us to ignore the ‘norm’ and instead go for a particular style you choose.

If you need help with a new marketing video then we are very creative and love a challenge too, so you can trust we will present your business in the best fashion. We have worked alongside multi-national conglomerates and many smaller local businesses and every project we are given is treated with the upmost care and attention to detail.

Some of the recognised names that we have had the pleasure to work with include: "Ministry of Sound" - "Gran Casino" (Sevilla) - "Cream" – “BMW” -•"Samsara" and "Jaguar" to name but a few. Local business include: POSH, Cudeca, PhotoMarbella, CostaSearch and many, many others. We have specialist equipment for particular shoots such as super wide angle lenses for property videos and macro for details. Please see our information chart that lists commercial videography requirements and explains how we pass them all.

We spend all our time finding the best video scenes and can do this with ease, so no-matter if you have a particular film type in mind or have no idea what you actually need, we can help. We love to bring out the best in anything and in any way we can, so drop us a message anytime with as little as your company name and let us surprise you with our ideas on how you could improve your business.

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Making the effort!

Remaining versatile at all times, we have the expertise to adapt to suit different environments and always make the up most effort to cater for our clients needs. Actual filming styles used are of course subject to what type of shoot it is, so please see the ‘categories’ above for more detailed information. Our default style and most commonly adopted approach is ‘candid’ or ‘off-the-cuff’, as we find it guarantees satisfaction to anyone and ensures we have captured everything possible. We generally ask if there is anything that is of particular importance to a video and keep this in mind while capturing it all in the most friendly and natural way possible, in short we generally stay out of the way and do our thing unless asked to interact more or manage the preparation for a staged scene.

Most of our clients would agree that a natural moment we were able to film in detail, easily beats a multitude of ‘staged’ acting. People often set up for the day to capture just one controlled environment scene and even then they are often disappointed with the end result, whereas we excel in capturing it all” We document what’s going on, grab some behind the scenes footage, capture the required important video rushes and we often still have just enough energy to capture something extra special that will amaze you!



The choice of equipment we use relies solely on individual shoot requirement, however the most commonly used setup Rich himself chooses to use either the Panasonic AG-AF101A or Canon 5D Mk2 rig with a choice of fast lenses and we also use up to two other fixed cameras which are moved at regular intervals with spares nearby. We have other specialist equipment like wide angle lenses for property for example and various useful technologies including a drone for aerial capture, a photobooth with props and more! For on location display we have screens and an LCD multimedia projector with sound equipment available and believe that we are the only team offering on-location editing via a dedicated mobile PC with full studio video editing suite and various multimedia presentation & production options.



We run a very smooth & efficient workflow and are therefore able to offer high quality work at unbeatably low rates.
In fact, if you manage to find a service lower elsewhere, we will not only match it, but we'll also offer you extra!
Another way we are able to save you money is you will not pay any commissions as we are completely independent
and therefore not associated with commissions to any individual, business, association, premises, club, service or group.
Please see individual categories above for our specific rates or message us with a little about your requirements here